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Our Greater Vision


Co-create well-being for ourselves and for the other by living:
- with awareness;
- integrating thoughts, emotions and behaviors that create discomfort;
- in the Presence, in connection with our Higher Self, as even more serene observers of the inner and outer world in order to reach, step by step, unconditional peace and joy.


Our Mission


Help those who desire to care about our Ego passing for example from the perception of being separated, wrong and not lovable and loved and that others and the world make us suffer, to educate the Ego to Objective Reality and discover who we really are and give voice to our Soul with respons-ability.

Therefore connect ourself consciously with one's Daimon, Higher Self, Presence, Anima Mundi, Love (...) and disidentify with compassion from the patterns of the Ego.

Discover and enhance
everyone talents, vocation in order to livewith joyful commitment, at the service of Life and with trust.

intentions which take us and the others to joy and especially enjoy the "trip" to reach them.

Balance commitment/intent with
surrender, that for us means accept the present as it is, because it is just as it should be to make us seize opportunities even if sometimes our Ego does not understand their meaning.