Online Counselling and Coaching

To have an on-line appointment please call Dr. Elisabetta Marsonet at +39 329 4927443

Then it will be necessary to send by email the following documents:

  • copy of an identity document;
  • informed agreement on the methods and conditions of the online counseling service to be returned, completed and signed before the first meeting.


The content of the sessions is strictly confidential, except for following exceptions:

- Supervision.
Supervision is a professional advice that psychologist, doctors in psychological sciences and techniques and professional counselors ask to professionals such as psychologists enrolled in the register section A or psychotherapists in order to improve the quality of their work and be able to guarantee the best work in compliance with the client's objectives.
In the case of supervision, names are not mentioned, but just the situation.

- Some laws require to break confidentiality and privacy such as where the customer/patient or someone else may be in a dangerous situation, in the case of abuse or violence against minors, invalids or the elderly and in cases of crimes or acts of terrorism.


The rate for one hour of online counseling/coaching is Euro 77.00 (VAT exempt) for students up to 25 years of age and Euro 90.00 (VAT exempt) for adults.

Prices exempt from VAT pursuant to art. 10, 1st paragraph 18 of Presidential Decree 633/72 - Flat-rate scheme.

You can pay for the service by bank transfer in advance.

Special situations

In the following cases I do not work through online counseling, but an in-person and possibly immediate intervention by a doctor or psychotherapist is required:

  • you have thoughts of suicide or murder,
  • you have been a victim of violence in the past three months
  • you have been violent with someone in the past three months
  • you are looking for help mainly due to sexual abuse occurred in the past three months
  • you are particularly worried about the idea of having to deal with certain topics and you feel insecure in knowing how to manage your thoughts, emotions or behaviors.

In these situations, I ask you to contact someone by phone (your GP, hospital, police, voluntary association, neighbor, family member, friend, colleague) who can help you immediately and who can indicate you who to contact, someone who can cope with you to the emergency situation you are experiencing.
Even if I check my emails regularly during work hours, it would make no sense for you to write to me in these situations hoping that I can get back to you immediately. So I encourage you to contact your doctor or emergency room as soon as possible.