Couple Counselling

Couple counseling services:

- Counselling for pre-marital couple
- Couple counseling
- Parenting support counseling
- Relational counseling during separation and divorce phases

Couple relationship is certainly one of the most fulfilling and demanding emotional relationships that a person has to manage during his or her life.

Why is it so challenging?

In emotional relationships, the relationships that come into play are those between parents and children, friends and couples.

If we consider the sense of freedom and commitment that we invest in these relationships on one hand we have friendships, with their great sense of freedom that allows us to live these relationships with a certain lightness, without too many constraints. While on the opposite side we have the bond between parents and children which is the most binding bond, which can never end.
But where is the couple's relationship positioned then?
It seems that the couple relationship is placed right in the middle, in the sense that if on one hand we are always free to be with a partner or not, on the other we feel that when we love a person, in order to be together with mutual satisfaction, we need to engage continuously to keep this bond strong and alive.

And the commitment lies precisely in choose every day to want to build and nurture a relationship with the person we have chosen as our partner.

The risk of not being able to overcome difficulties or falling into routine, puts on a hard test a bond that we hope will be forever, but that we do not have the guarantee that this is actually the case.
And we also consider how difficult it is to end a relationship when we decide that this is the best choice we can make.

Sometimes the couple alone manages to find a balance that brings back to mutual well-being or to end the relationship in a constructive way, sometimes it may be necessary the help of an external practitioner who can read the situation for what it really is and lead the couple where they want to go.

Our experience as practitioners and as a couple allow us to pay particular attention to the following situations, for example:

  • The formation of the couple -secede from the family of origin and the phase of falling in love
  • The marriage - how the roles changes within the couple
  • Live the couple in harmony - design and build together
  • The birth of the first child - the newborn needs a new balance in the family
  • Retirement - opportunity or source of stress?
  • Separation - processing the separation in order to start a new relationship
  • New couples after a separation - new bonds and new balances: extended families

We help women and men who find themselves at a point in their life where they lack security and satisfaction in the relationship.

This means that it may happen that you often quarrel with your partner, or on the contrary that you often remain silent to avoid conflicts, but you are not happy and you do not solve the problems that exist between you.
In these situations it almost seems that the partner becomes a stranger.
You no longer feel the love you felt for him or her in the past.
Sometimes you may feel destabilized by all these feelings of anger and insecurity and you honestly don't know what to do to make things better: it seems that any effort you make is never enough.

We can help you:

- To have a clear vision of what is going on in the relationship you are experiencing
- To facilitate the process of making a decision on whether to stay or leave your partner
- To find other possibilities to better manage the relationship with your partner or ex-partner, especially if there are also children.

Our focus is on human well-being also in couple relationships and we help you to achieve the best way to manage the relationship with your partner.

We consider it with great importance emotions that emerge in these situations, and we keep a objective point of view so that we can also be of help in a concrete way.
We consider the priority wellbeing of children whether you decide to stay with your spouse or whether you decide to separate.
We believe that everyone deserves to have a happy and fulfilling couple relationship and we support you in finding your ideal way to experience it.

“Anna is a 40-year-old married woman who asked me for help as her husband asked for a separation.
This was like a bolt from the blue for Anna, she just didn't expect it. She wasn't expecting such a strong decision because she believed that her marriage, even though it wasn't the best, wasn't a disaster either.
She wasn't very sure she wanted to accept the separation, but there seemed to be no other possibility: her husband was having an affair with another woman and wanted to separate from her.
Anna was very scared at the idea of having to deal with the separation.
She wanted to remain calm even on the day she would have to go to the judge to sign the separation papers. She longed to keep control of her emotions even as she felt despair in her heart.
We worked together on her resources and her ability to deal with this difficult situation. We also worked on her desire to maintain a civil and constructive relationship with her ex-husband.
During our work together Anna was able to understand what could have caused the relationship problems that depended on her. For example, she became aware of her way of being a mother to her husband, of the overly binding relationship with her family of origin and how much her attitude of wanting everything to be perfect in her life had created problems for her.
We worked on what Anna could have done differently in the relationship she would have in the future, in order to avoid falling back into the same problems, behaviors and attitudes.
At the end of our work together Anna felt stronger and with greater self-esteem. She thought of what happened to her as an opportunity for personal growth and was confident of being able to create a new satisfying couple relationship. "