Family Counselling


- Pre-marriage couple counseling
- Couple counseling
- Parenting support counseling
- Relational counseling during separation and divorce phases

What is the role of the family today?

Surely a lot has changed from the way we were in the family ten, twenty, thirty, fifty years ago and more.

We passed from patriarchal families, with the wife often at home to look after the children, with the possibility of cohabitation of grandparents and uncles all under the same roof, with mutual help between family members in times of difficulty
to more isolated families, to working women and children who are raised by others, to children who spend a lot of time alone or "together" with technological products such as mobile phon, laptop, TV, computer or electronic games.

If on one hand we have "evolved", we are more independent and free, we have increased our economic well-being, on the other it seems that we have lost the sense of values and relationships that were stronger in the past than today.

Trying to recover values and good relationships between family members and with the community is a commitment that we feel particularly alive and important in our life.

What are the values that guide us in the choices of our life?

How can we help our children to be responsible, loyal and cooperative people?

How can we make the relationship with our families of origin a balanced and mutually enriching relationship?

These are some questions we ask ourselves and on which we work first of all for our family and also with our customers.

Our experience in the family environment makes us pay particular attention to the following situations, which although they are normal situations, often need to be handled with care to make the transition as peaceful as possible for the people involved:

  • The birth of the first child - create new balances within the couple and with the family of origin
  • The birth of a little brother or sister - changes and development possibilities
  • The schooling of children - difficulties and possible good choices
  • Educating today - how to make the "job" more complicated the more enriching
  • Difficulty during adolescence - understand in order to share
  • The adult child leaves the family of origin - empty nest syndrome
  • Retirement - opportunity or difficult time?
  • The mourning - understanding and elaboration
  • Separation - separation processing for a new beginning
  • Extended families - new bonds, new balances